Data, the crude oil of the new century

We are surrounded by data.
Smartphones, digital cameras, social networks, … and petabyte are being generated daily. Can we still extract useful information out of it? And if so, then how?

I am convinced that data has a lot of stories to tell. We just have to listen closely: analyze, evaluate, visualize and interpret them carefully.

The challenges

… in doing so are manifold and depend on the problem given. But they all have in common that it takes a broad spectrum of methods to do so. To start with, it is essential to define the precise question posed. Then the (raw) data needs to be processed and analyzed to find answers. But in order for those to really reach the intended audience, they need to be communication in a clear and understandable manner.

Through my experience i do have collected and mastered the “tools” (from statistics over coding to visualization and communication) that it takes. I would be happy to put them at your service.


As manifold as the challenges are when dealing with data, as manifold are the potential solutions. My ambition is to come up with the one that suits you best.

My core areas

  1. Data Scientific Project Consulting
  2. Data Analysis (processing, statistical evaluation, visualization)
  3. Data Communication (“Getting the message heard”)
  4. Data Projects from A to Z (e.g. Peacemap Project)
  5. Trainings and Workshops
    • Data Journalism
    • Basic Statistics & Data Analysis
    • Data visualization

A bit more detailed

When it comes to data the goal is often not known at the beginning. Regularly the true needs only become clear on the journey towards them. As an independent data scientist i am not bound to any outside requirements - except to the quest of finding the best solution for you.

For me it is not only about (statistical) analysis of data. For me it is about finding answers to your questions and challenges. And it is regardless whether the data has to be sucked out of Data Lakes or Data Warehouses, or if it is about highly specific process data or data from the last world championship.

The focus is to answer those questions that help you advance. It’s set on the quest for patterns and effects hiding within the data. And on finding explanations for these. This is where i can assist you.

Passing on the knowledge

I am convinced that the future will bring us even more data and that data literacy will become more and more important. Thus, i am passionate about passing on the knowledge around data. Subsequently it would be my pleasure to provide trainings and workshops tailored for you and your employees.


Hi! My name is Štefan Emrich, and i love data.
I am an independent data scientist, analyst, researcher and consultant.

And i am grateful to have a great network of experts, with who i work on (research) projects. It consists of institutions like the dwh with its simulation experts or the research center “Computational Complex Systems” based at Vienna University of Technology but also of a wide spectrum of excellent individuals. Among those are the brilliant cartographer and developer Philippe Rivière, the researcher for human-computer interfaces Michael Sedlmair (Vienna University) and visualization experts like Wolfgang Aigner (FH St.Pölten) or Theresia Gschwandtner (Vienna University of Technology).

Bio / Short CV

Štefan Emrich finished his PhD at Vienna University of Technology in 2013. His research area was at the intersection of mathematics, simulation and application in domains ranging from health care to real estate. For this research he earned the “Österreichischer Baupreis” (Austrian award for real estate) in 2011. During his PhD, which he wrote at ETH Zürich and Vienna University of Technology, he observed a core problem for science acceptance – its often poor communication. This was the insight that shaped his desire to foster interdisciplinary communication of data and complex (scientific) matter.

To persue this goal Štefan founded the company datengeschichten, which literally translates to datastories in 2014. Since then he is a consultant to the International Peace Institute (IPI). As such he has worked on projects for the KAICIID Dialogue Center and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Besides his love for data (analysis, visualization and communication), Štefan is passionate about bringing the concept of complexity to a broad audience. As a consequence he organizes the informal lecture series Bei Vino Veritas, inspired by “science in the pub”, where he is also giving talks to topics around big data, privacy, statistics and visualization on a regular basis.

In his spare time Štefan enjoys competing in Vienna’s ice hockey league during winter and sailing in summer. He is taking special pride in being able to server his home town as a member of the voluntary fire department.


Interested? Or having questions?
Feel free to send me a mail!


How could we work together? Have an idea? Please let me know, preferably by mail. I’m looking forward to hear from you! You can also find me on Twitter, check out my publications on Google Scholar or my profiles on LinkedIn or XING.


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